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Laura Fisher info




Bachelor in Health Science and Masters in Clinical Chiropractic. Member of the Chiropractor’s

Association of Australia.

Being a chiropractor I’m interested in helping people return to their optimum health through

adjustments that help regulate the nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments allow messages to

pass through the spine with ease, restoring function and full range of motion to that area. Sports

Chiropractic is a key passion of mine. Chiropractic aids with performance issues and

improvement and also injury management.

I also really love to adjust children, their bodies respond so well to chiropractic care and it’s a

joy to watch. I have done further study in the pediatric area to allow me to know more about

children’s spines and conditions.

I like to promote wellness care to every patient which is a regular monthly appointment to help

with prevention and also unleash your body’s ability to heal itself. Wellness care really does

allow you to be all you can be without any interference from misalignments occurring with

everyday activities and it feels great!

My passion for sports comes from playing netball, Pilates and swimming regularly. I also enjoy

camping, travelling and experimenting in the kitchen.