Brad Sampson is the founder of Performance Healthcare. He has been in the industry since 2003, and was lucky enough that at a young age he knew which career path he wanted to take. He had a passion for people and a passion for healthcare. He prides himself on the fact that his motivated and bubbly personality can generally fit in with most people.

Brad thinks Myotherapy is a great form of manual treatment and one of the things that he loves about it is that there are many ways a myotherapist can treat a patient.

Brad has been lucky enough to work with the Victorian state cricket team, the West Indies and Sri Lankan cricket teams when visiting Melbourne, Richmond football club, and has been treating professional athletes in the Supercar series since 2008. Brad now specialises in treating pro and amateur sports people of varying levels and general family wellness.

Outside of the clinic Brad loves spending time with his wife and 3 sons, travelling, engaging in many sports from running to cycling and swimming, and to satisfy his love to get outside. His ultimate sport is running, having completed marathons in 2018 and 2019.


Dylan is a valuable member of Performance Healthcare. His many interests are one of the many great attributes Dylan has.

From an early age Dylan has always been into sports. He has been active and has participated in team and individual events. He did his training as a Myotherapist and then got qualified as a personal trainer.


He has since started his own supplement based company and he is the man to ask in regards to anything health! 

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After completing her bachelor of health science and applied science (Chiropractic), Dr Shannen has undertaken further studies in FNOR (functional neuro orthopaedic rehabilitation), FAKTR (functional and kinetic treatment with rehabilitation) and is currently completing her post graduate degree in sports chiropractic (ICSC). Shannen’s love for sports, exercise and rehabilitation stems from many years of playing netball and her passion for gym and running. She currently works alongside Lower Plenty FC working first hand with acute injuries and general sporting related issues. Shannen focuses on breaking down movement patterns and finding where dysfunctional movements arise to successfully tailor a suitable rehabilitation program for your individual needs. 



Outside of the clinic you will find Shannen baking/cooking treats for the team at PHC, running/gym and spending time with family and friends.


Andrew was influenced to become a chiropractor after seeing the amazing relief it gave to members of his own family.  He has a special interest in treating children and women in pregnancy.  Andrew also enjoys treating extremity issues in addition to the common complaints of the spine.

Outside of the clinic Andrew loves spending time with his wife and two beautiful girls, mountain biking and photography. 

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Tristan graduated from RMIT University with a double Bachelor Degree in Health Science and Applied Science in Osteopathy. Prior to and while completing his studies, Tristan developed his manual therapy skills over 8 years as a Remedial Massage therapist. He also worked as a qualified personal trainer and hydrotherapy instructor where he enhanced his exercise prescription talents and fitness programs tailored for all kinds of people. Tristan enjoys the variety that working as an Osteopath has to offer, treating all kinds of people from all walks of life. 


Osteopaths combine a highly developed sense of palpatory awareness with a high level of training in functional anatomy and biomechanics as part of examination and diagnosis. While its important to treat areas of pain, osteopaths look for areas of dysfunction and how they link in biomechanically with the rest of the body. With these skills, the Osteopath identifies and seeks to normalise strain patterns in the joints and connective tissues. Osteopaths are primary health care practitioners with a five-year full-time degree. 


Originating from New Zealand and with rugby in his blood, Isaac is an avid lover of all things sports and outdoors. When he’s not working you’ll find him hiking on top of a mountain, or finding the next best coffee in Melbourne.


With an Advanced Diploma of Sports Therapy, Isaac understands that the body is a complex structure, and aims to find the underlying problem in the body that contributes to your symptoms or pain. Whether it is a new pain arising or a niggle that has been there for years, Isaac specialises in diving deep into the body to find the source, using a combination of muscular activation and deep tissue massage, to get you operating at full function, strength and efficiency again. When tissue isn’t shut down, it isn’t painful!


Having worked for Essendon and North Melbourne Football clubs, Isaac has had experience working with some of Australia’s top athletes in an elite environment. Isaac brings this same passion into the clinic, where he has a desire to see chronic pain that inhibits your movement and everyday life, removed from your body.



Ryan has been practicing massage since 2018, after being mentored by some of the best practitioners in the state. In conjunction with working at performance healthcare, he studies Osteopathy full time at RMIT integrating these unique skills into massage.

His strong interest in weightlifting and resistance training provides him with the knowledge of both acute and chronic gym based injuries and how to overcome these. Alongside this he has worked with elite athletes at the Melbourne marathon, assisting in their muscular injuries.

The passion he has developed for health is what drives his goal to provide a high-quality service

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